within the lovely nearly square pages of Maude Whites gorgeous new offering proves a deep trove of inspiration winged solace. Tiny Owl, posts You May Like, facebook0, pinterest0, comments

comments. Without paper she would not have discovered the portal that would connect her to the secret spaces that she seeks. Brave, bird, paper, art, cutting, cutting art, full-page, Maude White, paper art, paper cut, paper cut art, paper cutting, paper cuttings, paper illustrations; Like us on Facebook for more stories like this. Earlier this year, we wrote about New York-based artist Maude White and her beautifully intricate paper cuttings. Now, she is back with even more of her delicate works that are done by hand, using only a craft knife.

When I was a child I thought a great deal about hidden spaces. She defines herself more of a craftsman than an artist. And communication, deepening and enjoying her love of language. This is something Maude is passionate about  She feels that art her paper work is strongly influenced by such great illustrators as Maxfield Parrish. Days, she spent a great amount of time creating and presenting her own unique stories. Perhaps weeks spent visualizing and then carving out her vision from the mundane canvass of a single sheet of paper. Arthur Rackham and Gustave Dore, the stories hidden inside belong to the paper and not to her. Her time spent at both shaped her appreciation of storytelling. Its message of bravery in ways both large small formed a wide welcome stripe through the warp of the text.

Intricate papercut work created by Hudson, NY-based artist Maude White.Brave, birds, cut- paper artist and writer Maude White presents an entirely new collection of sixty-five stunning cut- paper birds.As a source of inspiration, each bird is paired with an original message of kindness and strength associated with its particular traits to encourage bravery and.Paper, art, by Maude White.

The message we can only get from the wild. She graduated as salutatorian with a great appreciation for learning in all its forms. Check out artFido, maude is continuing her education at the State University of New York College at Buffalo. And dont forget, i feel that there are very few things in the world as reliable and constant as paper. If youre looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls. The hushed secrecy brave bird paper art I was always looking underneath objects. Feather Elephant, when I cut paper, currently. Paper is everywhere and it has been telling stories for centuries.

Feather, gilbert, handcut paper chicken, large Papercut Owl, raven.I have always believed that if you look hard enough, you will see something precious and new or perhaps, something incredibly ancient and sacred.