half of the garment. However this way is super easy. Laying the T-shirt and pocket flat, move the pocket around slightly to make sure its on straight. I like

to cut my patterns out during the day on Sunday. Make sure your pins are only pinning the pocket to the front side of the shirt. From the bottom center of your square, draw a 1 line down. Pincushion and container to store the pins. A ruler is useful (but not mandatory) if you need to lengthen or shorten the pattern. A sewing machine will be much easier and can be crucial for sewing some patterns. Step 4: Start Cutting, decide which parts of the card you want to be solid colour and which should be cut out. Keep another pair of 8" (20.3cm) long scissors specifically earmarked for cutting out fabric. You do not want to sew the pocket through both sides paper of the T-shirt. Step 3: Prepare the Card, in Western countries cards have the fold on the left hand side. Be careful not to cut along this line. Mark the notations on the pattern pieces, and then cut the pieces out of the fabric. Remove the pins as necessary. This means that they will be suitable for a wide range of sizes, although they'll usually still provide an indication of the size range. Determine the right side and wrong side of the fabric. Get used to swiveling your card around and see how much easier it is to make those hard turns. My rule of thumb is to make sure every piece is attached at at least 3 places to the larger image. These are the extras required to complete the pattern, such as zips, buttons, embellishments, etc.

Ll need to watch pins and fit scissors like a hawk. Ll be much easier to feed one piece of flat fabric through the machine first. Put on your Tshirt and pin the pocket to the location you want. And easiest to see princess if you drop them on the carpet.

Today we are sharing a technique that is essential to sewing-How to Cut a Pattern.(under the green leaf) where the pocket goes.I just sneak my pencil under the paper pattern, find the spot and make a dot.

But store the bulk of pins in a container with. See also edit References edit What is Draping Technique and its Process. Also, when Things Go Wrong, like under your bed, there are lots of different types of blade shape but I havenapos. Spare blades, i hope I can save you a few troubles as a result. Remember that magnets can damage your computer and demagnetize the magnetic strip on credit or debit cards. You can either cut the pattern based on the size you will be making or you can preserve the pattern by tracing. Every pattern comes with stepbystep instructions on a separate sheet user guide as well as the pattern template sheet pattern tissue. As such I did not realise that I had missed a lot of little corners and in the end it was easier to just leave them attached than go and sever every join. Think about getting a folding table that you can store out of the way when youre done cutting. Most sewers keep some pins in their pincushion.


Cotton is a fabric that can fray.If the fabric is right side up, the outside (the side of the garment you see when worn) will be facing you when placed on the table.Teach Yourself visually Fashion Sewing.